Go Small: Reasons for Graphic Design Companies not to Expand

Remain a small business. Perhaps these agencies are just starting out, or perhaps they just don’t have enough means to go big. Is this such a bad thing?

In many instances, expanding the business is equated to a more successful company. However, there are graphic design agency owners who suggest that studios should remain small. Here are some of the reasons why graphic design companies need not open out.


  1. Work is more personal. In a small graphic design company, every employee works on a personal level. A staff will have a more individual responsibility to the specific project he or she has done. Employees in bigger studios tend to do the blame game or grab credit when it comes to certain project and CEOs do not really have the time to find out who is telling the truth. In contrast, a smaller setting allows the staff to take credit and be proud of a specific task done.
  2. It is a fact that smaller artistic teams can work more efficiently. Perhaps this is how small Calgary graphic design companies work. For instance, a group of 8-10 designers can deliver a job better than a group of 20. This is because ideas would come from a fewer people and 8 different ideas are easier to collate than 20 contrasting ones. Also, having more members in a certain group could cause some to be just freeloaders. Such is the case even in group projects in schools. Members of small groups are dedicated than members of a bigger group.
  3. A small design company will give clients the opportunity who they are exactly dealing with at every phase of the project. Although there are those who are frightened of the idea of working with a small company, there are more and more people these days who are giving their seal of approval to limited staffed studios. This is because they know who exactly to interact with and they only have conversations with a few individuals compared to the many departments they have to deal with when hiring bigger companies.
  4. Small graphic design companies are cheaper to maintain. Let’s face it, finance is an important factor of doing business. Knowing that you have a few staff means you don’t have to shell out as much. On the other hand, given that your company could thrive more because of the efficiency of having a small studio, it would also help that you give your employees incentive often. This is to keep their spirits up and inspire them even more to do better at every single project.
  5. Small companies tend to be more quick-thinking and compliant by obligation. In such an environment of limited employees, an individual becomes more versatile. Sometimes, you are not just an owner but a designer and writer as well. This only helps employees to grow more and be competitive in the industry they are working for.
  6. You can sift out the clients you don’t want. Smaller graphic design companies have the luxury of only selecting the best clients to work with. For many CEOs they could choose the most brilliant business owners to work with to save them from the hassle of dealing with uninformed and imprudent ones.

Calgary graphic design companies need not to think about going globally right away. In fact, if you take into account of the mentioned reasons to stay small, you may not want to expand into a bigger studio anymore. On the other hand, if you are confident you can retain the vibe of having a small company when you go big, then be the best big graphic design company there is.